Hotel Pinares Panorama Carlos Paz exhibits an exclusive local photographic production.

Pinares Panorama Suites & Spa Hotel in Villa Carlos Paz, inaugurated last Thursday, January 4, its second stage of expansion, with the addition of 25 new rooms, its own Convention Center and other services for its guests.

The proposal, moreover, includes the incorporation of an exclusive photographic production of the Cordovan artist Matías Planas, who presented the series entitled Identidad Serrana (Serrana Identity). It consists of 25 large photographs of the rivers of the Cordovan mountain ranges in an exquisite game, sometimes abstract, in colors , lights and textures. The shots that shape the series and decorate each of the rooms represent a return to our roots, our purity and ultimately our essence that returns us to the natural origin, away from everything else.




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Publicación revista Viajando con Marley
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